Premium Kerala travel destinations and awesome apartments available for rental

Kerala holiday destinations and Cochin airport amazing apartments for rent right now? Kochi Airport was established in the year 1936 by the British Residency of Kochi Kingdom. Food counter and fine dining terrace garden lounge are easily available for the visitors. People who are hungry can go for a meal. Bar facility is also there, where you can spend your quality time while waiting for your flight. Food and beverages are available at both domestic and international terminals. Renting a room near Kochi airport has a lot of advantages. Read extra information at Airbnb kochi Kerala.

Ashtamudi: A quaint city in the warm locales of Kollam, Ashtamudi lies on the outer edges of the alluring Ashtamudi Lake. While a bustling trade centre in the past, it now attracts an impressive number of visitors form different corners of the globe. Visitors usually throng Ashtamudi to enjoy its impeccable beauty and treat themselves with the bucolic ambience of God’s Own Country. While in this pictorial city, you can witness cashew processing, coir manufacturing plans, traditional fishing, and lot more.

Varkala is one of the best places in Kerala seaside. The enticing coastline with cliffs on one side and lush greenery on the other attracts thousands of tourists and water-adventure enthusiasts to the beach. It is popular for activities like boat riding, surfing, parasailing, jetting, horse-riding are the life of the beach. The unmatched beauty of the beach is at its prime during sunsets. The hues of colourful rays make for a surreal atmosphere. Add a dash of luxury by choosing from the most exotic beach resorts in Kerala, around Varkala and you are set. Varkala is also an important religious place in Hindu culture. Adorned with many Hindu temples, it welcomes many religious travelers and heritage lovers to its seams with open arms. With so much packed in a single city, Varkala is certainly fit to be among the best places to visit in Kerala.

Kerala, a surreal destination where the morning brings in the mist and magic. Fondly called the “God’s Own Country”, this is the place where the backwaters hold everyone captive with their alluring silence. Yes, it’s the ‘Spice Capital of India’ where the evening wishes adieu with some of the enchanting melodiesplayed by Mother Nature. Yes, such is the beauty and appeal of Kerala!Let loose the wanderlust in you and plan a trip to this prismatic land; there are an array of places to visit in Kerala. Make sure you make it to all these destinations and curate some of the most pleasing memories out of your trip.

Wayanad means the land of paddy fields in Malayalam. Wayanad is one of the greenest tourist places in Kerala. Enriched with godly beauty, serene atmosphere and rich culture, Wayanad tourism is a perfect mix of nature and man-made heritage. After all, the place is famous for its richness in cultures, traditions, and tribal heritage. Small, unnamed waterfalls, that line the city haphazardly, add to the place’s charm. Being home to some of the most lush green vegetation, Wayanad is one of the most refreshing forest places to visit in Kerala.