Memphis airport rental car recommendation

Do you want car rental at Memphis airport in Tennessee? Here are the top recommendations to get the highest quality car rental for the best cost. FAST is the larger omnibus legislation that authorizes funds for Federal-aid highways, highway safety programs, transit programs, and other purposes. As part of the legislation, all cars under a safety recall—whether new, used, or rented—should be repaired before the customer is handed the keys to drive it off the rental lot. Consumers Union, the advocacy and policy arm of Consumer Reports, was an active and aggressive advocate for the law. CU worked directly with members of Congress and allied safety groups to generate support for the law, and is happy that Congress enacted it in December 2015 as part of the FAST Act. You can read more on the Raechel and Jacqueline Houck Safe Rental Car Act here and here.

What can you visit in Memphis? The Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum was created by the Smithsonian to highlight musical pioneers from the 1930s through to the 1970s. There are seven fun galleries to explore, each with a digital audio tour including 100 songs. Other exhibits include costumes, more than 30 instruments, and other music-related items. Featured galleries deal with the early years of music in Memphis, Sun Records, soul music, rural music, and culture, as well as disco. Another Memphis music attraction is the famous Gibson Guitar Factory, which offers a fascinating look at the making of these fine instruments. Read extra details at rent cars in Memphis TN.

Watch out for (and avoid) sneaky fees. Check the amount of gas you have in your tank before you drive off, because if it’s not at or above that level when you bring it back, you’re gonna be charged an arm and a leg. You should also take care to inspect your car for any small dings or dents before you pull out of the lot, and make sure the inside is clean and free of stains or damage of any sort. I like to take a few pictures of both the outside and inside of my car in case they try to charge me upon return for damage that was present when I got the car.

Most popular rented car at Memphis airport : The Impala has spent the better part of two decades as a juggernaut in the fleet sales business. On top of being a go-to for police and taxi drivers, tens of thousands of Impalas have done their time on rental lots. These cars have proven so popular with rental companies that the ninth generation model, which sold from 2006 to 2013, stayed in production for rental fleets as the “Impala Limited.” Today’s big Chevy sedan is far more civilized than that model, but it’s still a common offering as a full-size rental. Source: